Arles exhibition

Self portrait of Rebecca Marshall with eyes closed lying on her side in moss

Egyptian Electronica

Abstract blurry photograph of a dancer's face under pink neone light

Making of a cover portrait

Page layout of the cover of Finnish women's magazine Kotiliesi, showing portrait of Karita Mattilia

Quest for Bouillabaisse

Close-up photograph of a dish of fish stew bouillabaisse

Toddler TV Hero

Portrait photograph of Keith Chapman, standing on the quayside of a luxury yacht harbour

Mission to the Moon

Night photograph of a silhouetted observatory sending a green laser to the moon

Monaco Grand Prix

Photograph of red Formula One car cornering on race track

Construction portraits

Cover of French building sector magazine, Le Monieur du BTP, 11 August 2017

Monaco: Lunching in the Fast Lane

Square crop of a page layout from a magazine showing a photograph of a woman dining outside and text in Finnish

Travel Photographer on Assignment

Photograph of Montpellier's Arc de Triomphe monument

Shop ’til you drop, Monaco-style

Close-up photograph of a white pet toy dog looking out of a handbag

Portraits of Sceptics

Portrait photograph of Lord Christopher Monckton, in a blue suit, outdoors

Love Island, Cannes

Close-up photograph of a cocktail glass and champagne glass

Double Sport Star Portrait

Portrait of 2 sportsmen sitting on a red couch with their helmets

French wine under threat

Part of double-page magazine spread showing grapevines on a vineyard and a panting dog, title text overlaying the photograph

Swiss Sister in Cannes

Portrait of woman, Ursula Meier, sitting at a table

London calling

Photograph of a lounge with colourful cushions and curtains

Rich List Portrait

Full length, vertical portrait of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou posing outdoors

Cannes: an ‘impossible’ photographer brief

Sketch of a building with "I am a momument" written above it

Food photographer’s cover story

Cover of Aramco World magazine, showing a photograph of an haute cuisine starter

Monaco: ‘world’s biggest bribe scandal’

Thumbnail of portrait of Saman Ahsani, seated

marseille: feminist in a corner

Composite photograph of Nish Kumar and Reni Eddo-Lodge in discussion with empty speech bubbles against white background

Guantánamo to Nice

Portrait of Lakhdar Boumediene (former prisoner of US prison camp Guatanamo Bay)'s profile against a blue sky.

morocco: on assignment in cinema city

Photograph of a giant sculpture of a film production black and white clapper board on a roundabout

quantum theory at sea

Portrait of Carlo Rovelli standing on the bridge of his fishing boat

italian riviera: a village like no other

Portrait of Brother Riccardo Bonsi, dressed in Knights Templar robes

cover girl power

Portrait photograph of Lizzie Deignan, in pink on a blue background

a sea of stars at Cannes Film Festival party

Photograph of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a friend lighting cigars

provence: far right country

The face of Marine LePen on a tatty campaign poster

Flower Power on the French Riviera

Photograph of a green vase of pink flowers on a table in an empty room

pocket of resistance in the french alps

Photograph of a group of African men sitting around a fire playing cards outdoors in an olive grove

From Russia with love

Photograph showing silhouette of a Russian church on a riverbank at sunset

How to Sell a Superyacht

Girl in white dress walks between two superyachts

Behind the Veil in Nice

Close-up photograph of woman in a burqa talking

Lavender Production in Provence

Photograph of a 'plaited lavender bottle' being made by hand

Transhumance: A Story of a Journey

Photograph of guard dog watching over a flock of sheep

King of the Cannes Jungle

Portrait of Philipp Plein

Reims: the curious tale of a cathedral

Photograph of Reims Cathedral by day

the man who made me see

Black and white portrait of Charles Ghenassia

Art in Nice: Ben, Blues and a Repurposed Abattoir

Photograph of an old TV in a garden with 'Faux' ['False'] painted on the screen

Floating Whisky Palace in Cannes

french riviera lunch with a finnish economist

Photographic portrait of Bjorn Wahlroos, seated

keeping the ‘real’ in real estate photography

Photograph of bathroom and bedroom with bath and glass partition separating the two spaces

humble pissaladiere of nice

Photograph of Niçoise speciality dish 'pissaladière

monaco: mission control

Portrait of engineer Michael Anger in front of a world route map

countdown to Cannes

Photography of man stepping off a powerboat onto a jetty in Cannes harbour

the ‘back country’: a world away from nice

Panoramic photograph of the village of Gilette

murder most horrid…and a portrait of a baroness

Portrait photograph of Baroness von Brandstetter against blue backdrop

A Date with ‘The Hexecutioner’ in Monaco

Rear view of the tattoos on the back of boxer Hekkie Budler in the ring

a dog’s life in cannes

Chinese crested dog puppy wearing a sequinned coat walking along a lawn

Monaco: a quiet king among estate agents

Portrait of Pieter van Naeltwijck

food photography: the wonderful world of sprouts

Vegetable smoothies, photographed from above

french riviera bees relocated for survival

Photograph of 2 people carrying a beehive out of a car boot

baby swap in Cannes

Portrait of two women photographed in the woods

corporate portraits: insurance is fun

Portrait of a woman dressed in black with glasses, raising her fists in a triumphant manner to the camera

saffron harvest

Close-up photograph of hands separating the stigma from the rest of a pruple saffron crocus

portrait of a silver fox in Monaco

Portrait of Jim Clifton, seated in a wood-pannelled room

Grasse: the mysterious world of perfume

Portrait of perfumer Didier Gaglewski looking up towards the light

Olympic Gold in St. Moritz

Cover page of 220 Triathlon Magazine showing Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee running by a lake

On the trail of wolves in the French Alps

Sheep herder walks with his dog through a valley in the French Alps

Monte Carlo or Bust

Girl in red dress looks out over Monaco from Le Jardin Exotique

Monaco: License to Shoot

Monte Carlo Casino with supercars driving past

All the fun of the (trade) fair in Cannes

Close-up detail of building model on display at MIPIM 2013, Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Ovarian Cancer

In the footsteps of painters

A couple walks past a blank easel on Quai Amiral Courbet, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France.


Portrait of Ashley Futral Chapman, American national champion freediver

Constellation Cookfest in Monaco

Alain Ducasse, chef, holds a large citrus fruit and looks into the camera

Corsetmaker in Paris

Portrait of corset-maker Francois Tamarin

A Tale of Two Covers

Ironman France – Nice

A triathlete passes poppies on the bike course of Ironman France 2012

House renovation in Provence

Child's bedroom at Nicole Bekdache's home near Cannes, showing low wooden ceiling beams

Young Riviera Chefs Making Waves

Food photography: close-up of a dish of duck foie gras, served with fresh grey shrimp bouillon, raw and cooked Porcini mushrooms

Portrait of Chrissie Wellington

Chrissie Wellington taking a moment to focus before the Challenge Roth triathlon, 10 July 2011

Christmas is coming: (force) feed up the geese

Goose being force-fed

G20: Nice holds its breath

Protester marches with a mask at G20 summit protest march

Portraits of Opticians à la Française

Marseille? Done.

Practising Kalaripayattu on the Plage des Catalans, Marseille

A Monégasque Welcome

Travelling Light, Sleeping Rough

Portrait of Driss, economic migrant

Superyachts on the Drawing Board

Portrait of Espen Oeino, Yacht Designer

Truffle Hunters

Nose of a truffle dog

Le Chocolatier

Chocolatier Patrice Arbona pouring liquid chocolate from a ladle

Tower of a Thousand Bottles

Artist Mike Marshall with his Bottle Tower at dusk

Taking Time

Watchmaker Florian Wulleman hangs a clock on the wall

Ultra’s World

Portrait of artist Ultra Violet

I Love…

Jean-Michel, policeman, poses in front of the French flag with a sign saying 'J'aime le rouge'