Category: Corporate

‘You Have Talent’ Ad Campaign

I was delighted to be selected as the commercial photographer to take portraits for Tribune Côte d’Azur’s latest advertising campaign. Outstanding entrepreneurs from Nice and Sophia Antipolis were to be introduced to the public on social media and in advertisements across the French Riviera. A pioneering fungi specialist, manufacturer of 3D printers and a cookie café owner were among the individuals I was to capture in a set of dynamic, positive, workplace portraits.

Organic Pioneer

It was a privilege to photograph Sara Hannig Nour, founder of a flagship organic food company, in Egypt recently. Corporate portraits (for PR & marketing) and lifestyle photography (to illustrate her upcoming cookery book) were the order of the day, and we prepared stacks of fresh, organic produce from the farm to turn her bright, white kitchen into a riot of colour. Swiss-born Sara’s dedication to caring for the planet, fair trade and healthy living – along with extraordinary work and determination – make her an inspiration. Indeed, Sara has not gone unnoticed: in 2017, she won Cartier’s prestigious Women’s Initiative Award.

Beyond the Headshot

Not all my portrait assignments are for editorial or corporate clients. From time to time, individuals commission me as photographer to help build their own professional identity: a strong profile picture will support their social media presence and PR goals. The traditional industry term of what’s required might be a headshot, but I approach a profile picture as a portrait. For me it is an opportunity to make an image that represents various aspects of who my subject is and what they do – not simply a shot of of their head. Here’s how…

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix: the name alone conjures images of champagne, speedy cars, big money and dashing, daring drivers. This May, under the bright French Riviera sunshine, I captured all this and more, on an unusual and privileged event photographer commission. However, most of the exclusive photos that I took behind the scenes of the race can never be shown.

Shop ’til You Drop in Monaco

A glass of champagne or two while you browse? A changing room big enough for you and ten friends to chill out in? A beautiful, trilingual personal shopper, effortlessly juggling your favourite designers’ shoes, outfits and sunglasses? Forget shopping malls, queues and fights during the sales: Monaco knows how to shop.

Love Island, Cannes

“Fantastic!!! Fabulous!!!” cried my client, as she caught sight of me. Its not often that I am greeted with quite as much gusto, but I’d just arrived at the ITV Studios stand in Cannes, where bubbly smiles, enthusiasm and exclamation marks abound. ITV, the UK’s biggest and most popular commercial television channel, has a big presence at MIPCOM (the entertainment version of a series of annual Cannes-hosted global trade fairs), and I provide their corporate event photography. Today, my first stop was a rendez-vous on Love Island.

Floating Whisky Palace

When I was young, I once overheard the term ‘floating gin palace’ in conversation. My imagination conjured up a thing of wonder, and so I was disappointed later to learn that the term simply refers to the kind of luxury motor yacht plentiful in Antibes, Cannes and other South of France marinas. Last week, I was asked as corporate event photographer to spend the evening in Cannes on a vessel that could have been fairly accurately described as a floating whisky palace.

Insurance is Fun

Last month I headed back to England on a corporate photography commission. My client, a leading national insurance company, was re-designing its brand and wanted to put its employees at the heart of a new marketing campaign. I was chosen as photographer to take over 60 portraits of insurance personnel. The intro to the brief was simple: “we want to make the idea of insurance fun, to capture our lovely employees laughing and smiling, at their natural best”. There were certainly some amusing outtakes along the way…

Monaco Portrait of a Silver Fox

Senior figures from all over the world have business (and perhaps pleasure) reasons to visit the French Riviera, especially Monaco. One of the things I love about being an editorial photographer here is the chance to meet some of the interesting characters who come and go. A few weeks ago, I was asked to take a portrait of a businessman in a hotel room. But not just any businessman, and not just any hotel.

Ovarian Cancer Portraits

Up until this year, I didn’t know that regular stomach bloating could be a sign of anything more sinister than a diet too heavy in cabbage. Ovarian cancer may be less well-known than some of the other cancers, but its survival rate of this disease draws attention. Shockingly, once diagnosed, only 40% of women survive beyond 5 years. Symptoms often pass unnoticed, being as ordinary as feeling full quickly or bloating.

I met the head of marketing of Ovarian Cancer Action at the London ceremony where I won Professional Photographer magazine’s Press Photographer of the Year award, and she was now recruiting a photographer to breathe new life into the charity’s image. It was a privilege to be able to help raise attention to this cause.