Le Chocolatier

Photograph of a chocolate maker pouring liquid chocolate from a ladle

The French know a thing or two about food. Chocolate is no exception. France has its share of big brands and chocolate factories, but independent chocolatiers also thrive. Thousands of qualified specialists across the country develop recipes and make their own chocolate products for sale. ‘Entre mes Chocolats‘ in Vence is the only chocolate shop in southeast France to have a working kitchen fully open to the shop.

Its a pity that neither photography nor audio can capture smells. When you watch this slideshow, try to imagine the delicious scents that waft through the shop and out into the street in this small medieval town…

Ganache, nougat, white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Chocolate from Ghana, Cuba or Mexico? Patrice Arbona, the chocolatier, chats away with his customers, taking pride in finding something each person will really like. Remember the film / book ‘Chocolat‘? The assertion that chocolate has a greater role in our lives than would at first appear is perhaps not entirely fictional.


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