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Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the best known sporting events held in the South of France. I had a corporate commission as event photographer for one of the main race sponsors this year. Asked to capture their super-wealthy guests having fun, and participating in some rather special Formula One experiences, I wound up with an interesting reportage. However, very few of the photos may be shown, in fact most had to be destroyed – on purpose. Continue reading…

Photograph of red Formula One car cornering on race track

Double Sport Star Portrait

Taking a double portrait is a rather different affair to taking a single portrait for an editorial photographer. This magazine assignment; a double portrait of a famous Formula One driver and ice hockey player in Monaco who didn’t know each other, got off to a shaky start. Blue sky was ordered but not provided, and an incident between photographer and one of the subjects made bystanding PR people and writers hold their breath. However, while unusual South of France summer weather had disrupted the original portrait plan, a red couch and a helmet saved the day. Continue reading…

Portrait of 2 sportsmen sitting on a red couch with their helmets

cover girl power

For its tiny size, Monaco is home to a disproportionate number of professional athletes. As a photographer based nearby in the South of France, I am often commissioned to make portraits of sportspeople for press clients. But I had never, until recently, photographed a female cyclist. Guardian Weekend magazine sent me to Monaco on assignment to make a cover portrait of road racing champion Lizzie Deignan. It was International Women’s Day. Continue reading…

Portrait photograph of Lizzie Deignan, in pink on a blue background

A Date with ‘The Hexecutioner’ in Monaco

Known to the public as ‘the Hexecutioner’, Hekkie Budler is a professional boxer and world champion in his minimumweight class. I went to Monaco to photograph this tiny champ when he came to the South of France to train for a major boxing tournament in Monte Carlo. Photographers be warned: in the world of boxing, showers of sweat and blood are an occupational hazard. Continue reading…

Rear view of the tattoos on the back of boxer Hekkie Budler in the ring

Olympic Gold in St. Moritz

If a photographer shoots in Monaco one week and St. Moritz the next, one would be forgiven for assuming that they are there to photograph the glittering Lamborghini set (if not jet set). However, although the subjects of my recent St. Moritz portrait assignment are well-known in their sphere, champion triathletes Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee are unassuming, down-to-earth Yorkshiremen. Continue reading…

Cover page of 220 Triathlon Magazine showing Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee running by a lake


I’m not an underwater photographer, or even a keen swimmer. However, the 1980s film ‘The Big Blue’ made a lasting impression on me, and when I heard that the South of France would be taking its turn to host the world freediving team championships, I didn’t hesitate.

In Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer, where the dives were taking place, I photographed and interviewed the athletes. The result is a portrait series of today’s leading freedivers. And an eye-opening insight into a very different blue, quiet world beneath. Continue reading…

Portrait of Ashley Futral Chapman, American national champion freediver