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Christmas is coming: (force) feed up the geese

Foie gras is a controversial culinary delicacy. To produce it, ducks and geese are force-fed to enlarge their livers. The technique has been banned in many countries on the grounds of animal cruelty. But not in France, where right now foie gras production is hotting up for Christmas.

I spent the day with Bernard, an independent producer of foie gras, to photograph the process of ‘gavage’. Continue reading…

Goose being force-fed

Tower of a Thousand Bottles

Well, 1,200 bottles actually. After the festive period of over-excess, this 2.5 metre high representation of alcohol consumption could be an interesting January reminder to anyone who has been struggling with New Year’s drink-less or drink-never resolutions. Continue reading…

Artist Mike Marshall with his Bottle Tower at dusk