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Christmas is coming: (force) feed up the geese

Foie gras is a controversial culinary delicacy. To produce it, ducks and geese are force-fed to enlarge their livers. The technique has been banned in many countries on the grounds of animal cruelty. But not in France, where right now foie gras production is hotting up for Christmas.

I spent the day with Bernard, an independent producer of foie gras, to photograph the process of ‘gavage’. Continue reading…

Goose being force-fed

G20: Nice holds its breath

The French Riviera is all about the G20 this week. The actual event is in Cannes, but yesterday Nice held its breath. Protestors who had made their way to the South of France from all over the world came to town for the anti-G20 march, with photographers and journalists hot on their heels.

However, as it turned out, the worst weapon that riot police faced was a feather duster. Continue reading…

Protester marches with a mask at G20 summit protest march

Marseille? Done.

For a travel series on short breaks in international cities, the New York Times commissioned me to shoot images for a ’36 hours in Marseille’ feature. The aim was to photograph a selection of places where weekend visitors to France’s second city could go to get a good idea of what Marseille is all about. Continue reading…

Practising Kalaripayattu on the Plage des Catalans, Marseille

Travelling Light, Sleeping Rough

Just minutes along the coast from Nice and Monaco, Tunisian migrants continue to sleep rough in the border town of Ventimiglia, Italy. Initially unhappy to see yet another photographer in town, a number agreed recently for me to take their portraits – and to photograph the belongings they have brought with them for their migration to France. Continue reading…

Portrait of Driss, economic migrant

Truffle Hunters

A well-trained dog and an eye for giveaway clues in the landscape help a hunter locate a truffle’s whereabouts. But once the digging starts, it is the scent that leads a trufficulteur to his trophy. And boy, does a truffle smell strong. Continue reading…

Nose of a truffle dog

Le Chocolatier

The French know a thing or two about food. Chocolate is no exception. Thousands of qualified specialists across the country develop recipes and make their own chocolate products for sale. Continue reading…

Chocolatier Patrice Arbona pouring liquid chocolate from a ladle