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baby swap in Cannes

In the next few months, a court case will be heard in Grasse that will put the South of France in the national spotlight. Ten years ago, Sophie Serrano discovered that her daughter was not in actual fact her daughter. Now her claim against the matermity clinic in Cannes, where this first ever proven case of a baby swap in France occurred back in 1994, is due in court. It was a priviledge for me as a photographer to create this portrait, where the visual aspect of a mother-daughter connection is so poignant. Continue reading…

Portrait of two women photographed in the woods

corporate portraits: insurance is fun

I packed my bags and traded the South of France for England last month, the chosen photographer for a leading British insurance provider’s new marketing campaign. Portraits were to be taken of over 60 genuine insurance agents ‘being themselves’ – and also being fun, friendly and professional. It was a challenging commission, realised with the cunning use of mood cards – and flapjacks. Continue reading…

Portrait of a woman dressed in black with glasses, raising her fists in a triumphant manner to the camera

portrait of a silver fox in Monaco

Senior figures from all over the world have business reasons (and perhaps pleasure too) to visit the French Riviera, in particular Monaco and festivals in Cannes. One of the interesting aspects about being an editorial photographer in the South of France is meeting some of the noteworthy characters that pop in and out. A few weeks ago, I was asked to take a portrait of a businessman in a hotel room. But not just any businessman, and not just any hotel. Continue reading…

Portrait of Jim Clifton, seated in a wood-pannelled room

Olympic Gold in St. Moritz

If a photographer shoots in Monaco one week and St. Moritz the next, one would be forgiven for assuming that they are there to photograph the glittering Lamborghini set (if not jet set). However, although the subjects of my recent St. Moritz portrait assignment are well-known in their sphere, champion triathletes Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee are unassuming, down-to-earth Yorkshiremen. Continue reading…

Cover page of 220 Triathlon Magazine showing Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee running by a lake

Ovarian Cancer

Life as a South of France photographer is varied, mostly interesting and, now that the long wet winter seems to be finally behind us, it also has distinct warmth and sunshine benefits. But I travel regularly elsewhere in Europe for rather different kinds of assignments, and I appreciate these opportunities; not least when they take me back to my (definitely more rainy) homeland.

A few weeks ago, I headed from Nice to London on commission for a UK-based ovarian cancer charity. Making portraits of women in remission from this little-known cancer for a new awareness campaign was a sensitive and intense experience. Continue reading…


I’m not an underwater photographer, or even a keen swimmer. However, the 1980s film ‘The Big Blue’ made a lasting impression on me, and when I heard that the South of France would be taking its turn to host the world freediving team championships, I didn’t hesitate.

In Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer, where the dives were taking place, I photographed and interviewed the athletes. The result is a portrait series of today’s leading freedivers. And an eye-opening insight into a very different blue, quiet world beneath. Continue reading…

Portrait of Ashley Futral Chapman, American national champion freediver