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Egyptian Electronica

One of the best things about being an editorial photographer is the discovery of new worlds that magazine assignments offer. I left the South of France this summer to make a reportage, portraits and a multimedia slideshow about the unique and vibrant electronic music scene in Egypt. Sandbox festival, on the Red Sea coast, was the culminating event of a rich, creative few days’ photography. Continue reading…

Abstract blurry photograph of a dancer's face under pink neone light

Making of a cover portrait

An opera diva, roasting temperatures and vibrant colour… this cover portrait assignment in Aix-en-Provence was a fiery one. My photographer assistant and I travelled from Nice, and the magazine journalist from Finland, to spend a sweltering afternoon with internationally renowned opera soprano Karita Massala on her South of France tour. Continue reading…

Page layout of the cover of Finnish women's magazine Kotiliesi, showing portrait of Karita Mattilia

Toddler TV Hero

You may not recognise this man, but you’ve probably come across his creations. The smooth, British inventor of Bob the Builder and Paw Patrol lives in Monaco. I was sent on assignment to take his portrait for a German business magazine. During the shoot, I got banished from a superyacht port (for disobeying Monaco photographer regulations) and later watched helplessly as a storm gust carried off my studio flash. Yet, by the time our gin & tonics were served, I was shaken, but not stirred. Continue reading…

Portrait photograph of Keith Chapman, standing on the quayside of a luxury yacht harbour

Construction portraits

Not all the environmental portraits I take are set under the blue skies and palm trees of a quintessential French Riviera. France’s number one construction trade magazine, Paris-based ‘Le Moniteur du BTP’, regularly sends me as assignment photographer to take pictures of the industry’s regional leading lights in & around Nice, Grasse and Cannes. Yet, instead of setting these portraits in recognisable South of France locations, I generally shoot them in factories and on building sites. Continue reading…

Cover of French building sector magazine, Le Monieur du BTP, 11 August 2017

Monaco: Lunching in the Fast Lane

Formula One champ Mikka Häkkinen may no longer be racing, and his ex-wife Erja doesn’t present TV any more, but international press are still interested in the pair’s lives in Monaco. Fashion magazine Gloria sent me on assignment to Monte Carlo recently to take day-in-the-life photos of Erja. The article was about the luxury and glamour of the French Riviera and photographer, writer, make-up artist, stylist, assistants & several subjects (inc. a toy dog) made quite a crowd for this portrait and lifestyle photoshoot. Continue reading…

Square crop of a page layout from a magazine showing a photograph of a woman dining outside and text in Finnish

Portraits of Sceptics

In the US, global warming is hotly and very publicly debated. Here in Europe, the climate change denier movement is much more discrete. Nevertheless, those who maintain human impact on global warming is negligible (and those with their own interests in blocking climate change protection laws) are increasingly active in the corridors of power. As photographer with a European team of magazine, radio and TV journalists, I met and took portraits of influential climate change sceptics in France, Brussels & Portugal as part of a ground-breaking press investigation. Continue reading…

Portrait photograph of Lord Christopher Monckton, in a blue suit, outdoors