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Reims: the curious tale of a cathedral

My life as a photographer in the South of France is a varied one. I photograph portraits and reportages, and my subjects range from businessmen to artisans, fine food to villas. But flying up to the north of France to spend two days photographing a cathedral last autumn was a first. Notre Dame de Reims, 90 miles east of Paris, is a fascinating subject, rich with scars and stories. During my trip away from the French Riviera, I managed to borrow a bike from a total stranger, disobey a clergyman and have an existential discussion with a man armed with a machine gun: all in order to better photograph the cathedral. Continue reading…

Photograph of Reims Cathedral by day

Corsetmaker in Paris

Last month I left the South of France and headed up to Paris. The New York Times wanted a photographer to make portraits of a selected few craftsmen who are ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ [Best Craftsmen of France].

Fresh from Provence, I donned an extra jumper and set off to visit a number of addresses across the city, where elite craftsmen practise their trades. One of these was François Tamarin, a corsetmaker in Montmartre. By the time I left, my jumper felt desperately drab. Continue reading…

Portrait of corset-maker Francois Tamarin