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In the footsteps of painters

It is said that it was the quality of the light that brought Renoir, Matisse and Picasso to the South of France. I’m sure the quantity – and warmth – of the sunshine in Provence helped too. They were not alone: over the last century or so, a host of artists have, through their paintings, immortalised countless scenes of the French Riviera.

Curious to revisit the spots where some of these painters had set up canvases, I recently shot a set of images to put their art back onto the street, and bring their scenes to life today, from a photographer’s point of view. Continue reading…

A couple walks past a blank easel on Quai Amiral Courbet, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France.

Ironman France – Nice

The French Riviera is no stranger to international events (the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix are but two of many) and last weekend, triathletes from all over the world came to the South of France as Nice hosted Ironman France 2012.

I was not the only photographer to be disappointed by Lance Armstrong’s no-show, but spent a full-on day nonetheless balancing on the back of a press motorbike, chasing triathletes around the hills of Provence.

Continue reading…

A triathlete passes poppies on the bike course of Ironman France 2012

Young Riviera Chefs Making Waves

French Riviera cuisine tends to be known more for its time-honoured traditional Provençal dishes than for being at the forefront of cutting-edge fine dining. However, as I learned on a recent commission, a new wave of young chefs in the South of France are bringing international attention to their new take on cuisine in Provence. Continue reading…

Food photography: close-up of a dish of duck foie gras, served with fresh grey shrimp bouillon, raw and cooked Porcini mushrooms

G20: Nice holds its breath

The French Riviera is all about the G20 this week. The actual event is in Cannes, but yesterday Nice held its breath. Protestors who had made their way to the South of France from all over the world came to town for the anti-G20 march, with photographers and journalists hot on their heels.

However, as it turned out, the worst weapon that riot police faced was a feather duster. Continue reading…

Protester marches with a mask at G20 summit protest march

Portraits of Opticians à la Française

I was commissioned by an opticians recently in Nice who wanted a photographer to shoot some portraits for their advertising. A creative brief to combine quirky humour with élégance in black and white made for a particularly French feel to this photography assignment.. Continue reading…

Ultra’s World

Salvador Dali’s muse. One of Andy Warhol’s chosen ‘superstars’. Ultra Violet, now well into her seventies, still has a steely gaze and the considerable charisma that you might expect of her. I took her portrait at the residence in Nice, France. Continue reading…

Portrait of artist Ultra Violet