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portrait of a silver fox in Monaco

Senior figures from all over the world have business reasons (and perhaps pleasure too) to visit the French Riviera, in particular Monaco and festivals in Cannes. One of the interesting aspects about being an editorial photographer in the South of France is meeting some of the noteworthy characters that pop in and out. A few weeks ago, I was asked to take a portrait of a businessman in a hotel room. But not just any businessman, and not just any hotel. Continue reading…

Portrait of Jim Clifton, seated in a wood-pannelled room

Monte Carlo or Bust

Princess Grace’s book collection; affordable restaurants; coastal footpaths and a very deep hole in the ground: there’s a lot more to Monaco than meets the eye. This also means there is a lot for a photographer to shoot on assignment to illustrate ’36 Hours in Monaco’. I covered a lot of ground during a weekend in this little seaside state that is quite unlike the rest of the South of France. Continue reading…

Girl in red dress looks out over Monaco from Le Jardin Exotique

Monaco: License to Shoot

A photographer who wants to capture images of Monaco needs to plan ahead quite carefully. The thorny privacy laws that can make street photography in France daunting are nothing compared to those in the principality. There isn’t much of a grey area: to photograph in Monaco, you need to apply for a permit. In fact, you may need to apply for several.

This week, I am arranging a series of authorisations for a two-day travel photography assignment for the New York Times. It is a task that requires considerable time and patience. Continue reading…

Monte Carlo Casino with supercars driving past

Constellation Cookfest in Monaco

Alain Ducasse is known as the Godfather of French cuisine. A fortnight ago, he did his reputation proud. Michelin-starred chefs flew to the South of France from all over the world to help Ducasse celebrate his 25th anniversary of heading up Monaco’s Louis XV restaurant. They ate, drank, cooked and made merry, all 240 of them. And a certain photographer managed to squeeze in one or two tastings between frames. Continue reading…

Alain Ducasse, chef, holds a large citrus fruit and looks into the camera

A Tale of Two Covers

As a photographer based in the South of France, I’m not suprised when international clients mention blue skies in their briefing for a portrait commission. Two recent cover shoot assignments for magazines in Sweden and the UK (where Provence-style guaranteed sunshine is often longed-for) were no exception.

Both subjects were men at the top of their game, to be photographed on location in Cannes and Monaco. But achieving classic Cote d’Azur blue skies and bright colours is not as straightforward as it might seem. Continue reading…

A Monégasque Welcome

International media attention turned to Monaco last week for the royal wedding. However, the principality was true to form in not making life especially easy for photographers sent to the South of France by agencies and publications across the world to capture images of the royal couple and their jet-set guests. Continue reading…