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Toddler TV Hero

You may not recognise this man, but you’ve probably come across his creations. The smooth, British inventor of Bob the Builder and Paw Patrol lives in Monaco. I was sent on assignment to take his portrait for a German business magazine. During the shoot, I got banished from a superyacht port (for disobeying Monaco photographer regulations) and later watched helplessly as a storm gust carried off my studio flash. Yet, by the time our gin & tonics were served, I was shaken, but not stirred. Continue reading…

Portrait photograph of Keith Chapman, standing on the quayside of a luxury yacht harbour

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the best known sporting events held in the South of France. I had a corporate commission as event photographer for one of the main race sponsors this year. Asked to capture their super-wealthy guests having fun, and participating in some rather special Formula One experiences, I wound up with an interesting reportage. However, very few of the photos may be shown, in fact most had to be destroyed – on purpose. Continue reading…

Photograph of red Formula One car cornering on race track

Monaco: Lunching in the Fast Lane

Formula One champ Mikka Häkkinen may no longer be racing, and his ex-wife Erja doesn’t present TV any more, but international press are still interested in the pair’s lives in Monaco. Fashion magazine Gloria sent me on assignment to Monte Carlo recently to take day-in-the-life photos of Erja. The article was about the luxury and glamour of the French Riviera and photographer, writer, make-up artist, stylist, assistants & several subjects (inc. a toy dog) made quite a crowd for this portrait and lifestyle photoshoot. Continue reading…

Square crop of a page layout from a magazine showing a photograph of a woman dining outside and text in Finnish

Shop ’til you drop, Monaco-style

Forget queues, sales and stress: Monaco knows how to shop. Champagne while you browse? The sultry beats of a live, in-store DJ? London’s Monocle magazine recently sent me to shoot a brand new fashion concept store in Monaco. While my original assignment as editorial photographer was complicated by the fact that Monaco Marine’s ‘Merci La Mer’ wasn’t actually finished, I returned later as commercial photographer to shoot the completed interiors, and again, as event photographer, for the launch party of a new collection. The life of the store unfolded before my eyes. Continue reading…

Close-up photograph of a white pet toy dog looking out of a handbag

Double Sport Star Portrait

Taking a double portrait is a rather different affair to taking a single portrait for an editorial photographer. This magazine assignment; a double portrait of a famous Formula One driver and ice hockey player in Monaco who didn’t know each other, got off to a shaky start. Blue sky was ordered but not provided, and an incident between photographer and one of the subjects made bystanding PR people and writers hold their breath. However, while unusual South of France summer weather had disrupted the original portrait plan, a red couch and a helmet saved the day. Continue reading…

Portrait of 2 sportsmen sitting on a red couch with their helmets

Rich List Portrait

You’d think that most people would be happy for an internationally-respected newspaper like the Sunday Times Magazine to write a feature about their life’s successes, and for a professional photographer to be assigned to take their portrait to boot. However, many billionaires on the Sunday Times Magazine’s Rich List are somewhat above the need for PR or press coverage. The Monaco portrait that I took of easyJet founder Stelios, 48th on the Rich List, involved persuasion and some hard negotiation, both before and during the photo shoot. Continue reading…

Full length, vertical portrait of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou posing outdoors