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italian riviera: a village like no other

A short drive into Italy from the South of France, less than an hour east of Monaco, is a rather exceptional hilltop village. Not only does it claim independence from Italy, and have rich, historical connections to the Templar Knights, but today much of its property is suddenly being bought up by a mysterious religious sect. On a recent photographer assignment with FT Wealth magazine, I made reportage photographs and took portraits of a princess, knights and sect leaders. Continue reading…

Portrait of Brother Riccardo Bonsi, dressed in Knights Templar robes

pocket of resistance in the french alps

The border to Italy marks the eastern end of the French Riviera – and the doorway to a new life in Europe for immigrants coming the other way. Increasing police checks on roads, train lines and in towns such as Menton, Nice and Cannes to catch new arrivals without permits mean that some now walk inland, up into the French Alps, to avoid detection. Yet they are seriously unprepared for the conditions. As photographer, I was recently sent on an editorial assignment to a valley close to the France-Italy border where locals have been standing up to the authorities to give hungry, cold and exhausted refugees food and shelter in their homes. Continue reading…

Photograph of a group of African men sitting around a fire playing cards outdoors in an olive grove

Travelling Light, Sleeping Rough

Just minutes along the coast from Nice and Monaco, Tunisian migrants continue to sleep rough in the border town of Ventimiglia, Italy. Initially unhappy to see yet another photographer in town, a number agreed recently for me to take their portraits – and to photograph the belongings they have brought with them for their migration to France. Continue reading…

Portrait of Driss, economic migrant