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Mission to the Moon

Last Saturday, I was as close as I’ll probably ever get to space travel. American space artist Richard Clar had come to the South of France on a mission. Commissioned as photographer, I was to take his portrait and make press reportage of a rather exceptional event. In the middle of the night, high in the mountains above Grasse, my photographs would witness an extraordinary happening, unique not only on the French Riviera, but worldwide. Continue reading…

Night photograph of a silhouetted observatory sending a green laser to the moon

Construction portraits

Not all the environmental portraits I take are set under the blue skies and palm trees of a quintessential French Riviera. France’s number one construction trade magazine, Paris-based ‘Le Moniteur du BTP’, regularly sends me as assignment photographer to take pictures of the industry’s regional leading lights in & around Nice, Grasse and Cannes. Yet, instead of setting these portraits in recognisable South of France locations, I generally shoot them in factories and on building sites. Continue reading…

Cover of French building sector magazine, Le Monieur du BTP, 11 August 2017

Flower Power on the French Riviera

Yellow mimosa blooms bursting across the hills above Nice and Cannes herald the arrival of spring on the Côte d’Azur. Aside from the age-old fun of lobbing bouquets around at Nice carnival, the cultivation and use of flowers has long been important to the French Riviera and I’ve been assigned to photograph several editorial stories on the subject. I was one of very few, lucky photographers to be granted access to a secretive perfumery in Grasse last summer, just before an event that generated international press curiosity. A few months later, I faced rather different challenges when photographing French Riviera flower businesses for an in-flight magazine. Continue reading…

Photograph of a green vase of pink flowers on a table in an empty room

Grasse: the mysterious world of perfume

Since the 17th century, the French Riviera town of Grasse has proclaimed itself to be the world’s perfume capital. But does Grasse still carry weight in the international perfume industry? This summer, the editor of ‘N’ (Norwegian Air’s in-flight magazine) flew down to the South of France, photographer -me- at the ready, to investigate. Continue reading…

Portrait of perfumer Didier Gaglewski looking up towards the light

House renovation in Provence

The IHT recently sent me on a real estate photography shoot – with a twist. I’d never been near this property on the hills above Cannes. Yet before I arrived, I knew it well. Far better than a photographer normally would. Why?

The owner of this newly-renovated villa was chosen for the article thanks to a hobby: blogging. Nicole’s South of France dream home had become reality bit by bit, and she had blogged about it from start to finish. Continue reading…

Child's bedroom at Nicole Bekdache's home near Cannes, showing low wooden ceiling beams