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humble pissaladiere of nice

For a food photographer, South of France ingredients such as basil and sun-kissed tomatoes can make for colourful, highly photogenic subjects, especially when shown off in dishes created by fine French Riviera chefs. I wouldn’t count the subject of a recent food reportage that I did in this category. Pissaladière originated as a humble pesant’s dish from Nice, and isn’t ever going to win first prize in a food beauty contest . But there is more to the preparation of this tasty, no-nonsense dish than meets the eye. Continue reading…

Photograph of Niçoise speciality dish 'pissaladière

food photography: the wonderful world of sprouts

I have been living and working as an English photographer in France for over 7 years and am no stranger to the phrase ‘lost in translation’. However, it struck me afresh at a recent photoshoot what a difference just four missing letters can make.
My assignment was for a German book publisher who wanted a food photographer in the South of France to illustrate a rather special new recipe book. From the very first email, a key misunderstanding ensued. Continue reading…

Vegetable smoothies, photographed from above

saffron harvest

What flower may be grown and harvested to obtain a product worth more than gold? The saffron crocus, long forgotten in the agricultural traditions of the South of France, is today making a quiet comeback. I popped a macro lens into my photographer’s bag and drove up towards the mountains north of Nice to make a reportage about one organic farmer’s delicate harvest of ‘red gold’. Continue reading…

Close-up photograph of hands separating the stigma from the rest of a pruple saffron crocus

Constellation Cookfest in Monaco

Alain Ducasse is known as the Godfather of French cuisine. A fortnight ago, he did his reputation proud. Michelin-starred chefs flew to the South of France from all over the world to help Ducasse celebrate his 25th anniversary of heading up Monaco’s Louis XV restaurant. They ate, drank, cooked and made merry, all 240 of them. And a certain photographer managed to squeeze in one or two tastings between frames. Continue reading…

Alain Ducasse, chef, holds a large citrus fruit and looks into the camera

Young Riviera Chefs Making Waves

French Riviera cuisine tends to be known more for its time-honoured traditional Provençal dishes than for being at the forefront of cutting-edge fine dining. However, as I learned on a recent commission, a new wave of young chefs in the South of France are bringing international attention to their new take on cuisine in Provence. Continue reading…

Food photography: close-up of a dish of duck foie gras, served with fresh grey shrimp bouillon, raw and cooked Porcini mushrooms

Christmas is coming: (force) feed up the geese

Foie gras is a controversial culinary delicacy. To produce it, ducks and geese are force-fed to enlarge their livers. The technique has been banned in many countries on the grounds of animal cruelty. But not in France, where right now foie gras production is hotting up for Christmas.

I spent the day with Bernard, an independent producer of foie gras, to photograph the process of ‘gavage’. Continue reading…

Goose being force-fed