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Grasse: the mysterious world of perfume

Since the 17th century, the French Riviera town of Grasse has proclaimed itself to be the world’s perfume capital. But does Grasse still carry weight in the international perfume industry? This summer, the editor of ‘N’ (Norwegian Air’s in-flight magazine) flew down to the South of France, photographer -me- at the ready, to investigate. Continue reading…

Portrait of perfumer Didier Gaglewski looking up towards the light

Corsetmaker in Paris

Last month I left the South of France and headed up to Paris. The New York Times wanted a photographer to make portraits of a selected few craftsmen who are ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ [Best Craftsmen of France].

Fresh from Provence, I donned an extra jumper and set off to visit a number of addresses across the city, where elite craftsmen practise their trades. One of these was François Tamarin, a corsetmaker in Montmartre. By the time I left, my jumper felt desperately drab. Continue reading…

Portrait of corset-maker Francois Tamarin

Le Chocolatier

The French know a thing or two about food. Chocolate is no exception. Thousands of qualified specialists across the country develop recipes and make their own chocolate products for sale. Continue reading…

Chocolatier Patrice Arbona pouring liquid chocolate from a ladle

Taking Time

Precision of time is a watchmaker’s raison d’être. So I was suprised to be told by Florian Wulleman, l’horloger, during my recent production of his audio portrait, that a minute is not necessarily a minute. And that we are better off relaxing and not clockwatching at all. Continue reading…

Watchmaker Florian Wulleman hangs a clock on the wall