Tower of a Thousand Bottles

Tower made out of empty wine and spirit bottles by artist Mike Marshall
The tower, all 1,200 bottles of it

After the festive period of over-excess, this symbol of alcohol consumption could be a timely reminder to anyone struggling with New Year’s drink-related resolutions.

Artist Mike Marshall collected 1,200 used wine and spirit bottles from friends, neighbours and dumping grounds near his home in the southern Tarn-et-Garonne region of France (not a bad country to land up in, on a wine bottle-finding mission) and with them, he built his ‘folly’.

When I first saw it, it was midday, and the 2.5 m high tower certainly looked incongruous in the field behind Mike’s house. But when I squeezed through the narrow doorway and went inside, the beauty of the tower really came to life, as the sun streamed in through all the different coloured glass. So to do the tower photographic justice, I waited for dusk and lit it from the inside, to capture this effect in reverse.

Portrait of Mike Marshall with his Bottle Tower creation
Mike Marshall, creator of the Bottle Tower

Well done Dad, you have got yourself onto my blog.

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  1. M.Robert.

    I wish I really knew this obviously cutting/sawing/gnawing /splitting…..edge ARTIST. This presentation arrangement seems to, for once,really do him justice!!!!mmmmmm I think that your photo work is, as always impeccable and full of interesting observations,well done!


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